Formica Everform™ is an acrylic solid surface made from natural mineral fiber and binding resins, and features colour all the way through to its core. The seamless, nonporous and repairable surface can be used horizontally and vertically. Common applications include countertops, backsplash, shower walls, shower shelves/ledges,
tub surrounds and window sills.

Colour Palette

As tough as it is beautiful, Formica ® Solid Surfacing can be shaped to create virtually any design concept, offering a palette of modern colors for every mood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bring back my Solid Surface countertop a new look?

If scratches are stealing that just-installed shine from the finish, follow these simple steps to bring your countertops back to their original glory:

1. Pour a mild abrasive liquid onto a soft damp sponge or damp cotton cloth.
2. Rub the area you wish to repair in a circular motion using mild pressure.
3. Rinse the area thoroughly with water and completely dry the surface.
4. If the damage has not been repaired, repeat the three steps above.
5. See your solid surfacing shine.

What is the difference between acrylic & polyester blend products?

Polyester Blend allows for deeper colours to be visible through a sheet. Acrylic allows for easier and more variety in fabrication techniques.

Maintenance, DO and DON'T

Solid Surfacing may be cleaned with a damp cloth and ordinary soap, household liquid detergent or powdered cleanser.

Strong acid or alkaline drain cleaners and oven cleaners will damage the surface.

Precaution on heat, cutting and stains

Do not place high temperature objects such as teapot, crock pot, electric frying pan or other heat-generating appliances directly on the Solid Surfacing. Hot cookware and heat-generating appliances can damage the countertop surface. The use of a trivet or other insulating pad is recommended.

Avoid cutting on your Solid Surfacing top. Under excessive or abusive usage conditions, Solid Surfacing will show cut marks. The use of a cutting board is recommended.

While Solid Surfacing is resistant to most common household chemicals, some strong acid or alkaline cleaners and cleansers can mar or permanently discolor Solid Surfacing if allowed to remain on the surface for an extended period. Accidental spills or splatters from harsh materials should be wiped off immediately and then rinsed with water.

Locations across BC and Alberta

With nine showrooms and five fabrication facilities across the province, we service all of BC and Alberta. Our sales staff will even travel outside our showroom locations for an in-home consultation in your community.